4.6. Implementing custom metrics in Evidently [OPTIONAL]

A code example walkthrough of creating a custom metric using the Evidently Python library.

Video 6. Implementing custom metrics in Evidently [OPTIONAL, CODE PRACTICE], by Emeli Dral

This is an optional code practice video. It is useful when you already have experience using the Evidently Python library and are familiar with the existing Metrics and Tests. If you are new - check out the next module for an end-to-end example!

Want to go straight to code? Here is the example notebook to follow along.

Outline: 00:00 Introduction 00:37 Imports 01:54 Understanding the structure of Metrics and Tests 05:11 Create a dummy custom metric 12:17 Apply a dummy metric on toy data 14:00 Create a more complicated metric: Mean by Category 26:25 Apply a new metric on toy data

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